Kembali ke kebiasaan lama...


5 years. 5 years ago today I drove past your accident, completely unprepared for the news my mom would give me when I got home. I can only imagine the man you would be today but I'm forever grateful that I was blessed to call you my friend. Death is hard, loosing a friend at a young age is hard and I wish I could tell you how to get through it but I can't. Hug your loved ones, remember to show your appreciation for friends and live every day as if it was your last. Thanks for everything you taught me Ty. Forever missing you! 💕 • • • • •


Hey friend, I see you. I know your heart is hurting and maybe you're not sure how life looks without that person beside you. Today I want to remind you that sometimes we need to be alone, stripped from the norm, in order to really know and love ourselves. It's tough, no one every said it would be easy but those are the best lessons life teaches us. I'm learning myself how to fully accept change and have faith in the process so please know you aren't alone. Today I'm telling you to go do something that is only for YOU and remind yourself how beautiful you truly are! 💕 • • • • • •


It's been a while since I've done #fridayintroductions so I thought I'd share 3 fun facts you may not know about me. 1. I am very afraid of bees. I mean I will literally run from a bee as soon as I see it and I cry (more like scream) every time I get stung. 😂 2. I took ballet and tap as a kid. I can't recall why I stopped but best believe I loved my tutus and getting my makeup done for recitals. 😊 3. I would love to one day buy an old bus, renovate it and drive around the U.S. just taking pictures and exploring nature. Enough about me though, comment below with one fun fact that I may not know about you! Be blessed today friends. 💜 • • • • •


Yesterday my car was totaled. Thankfully no one was injured but there were many mixed emotions these past 24 hours. Many doubts in my heart, questioning why this had to happen. To be honest, I'm still struggling to have faith during this time but I know the God I serve has always provided for me even if it doesn't go the way I want it to. Life is unpredictable my friend and if you're walking through a tough time in life right now I just want to remind you that there is an ending to your struggle. Beautiful things will come from whatever season of life God has you in. Praying for you and myself today that we will always remember to let faith guide us and not fear. • • • • •


Being an enteprenuer is tough stuff. The to do list doesn't ever really end and if your a one man show like myself you may wish you had 5 more hours in a day to get it all done. Today I'm stopping in to remind you that you can and will do it! The laundry, the emails, the meetings with clients, it'll all get done and you will still have time to celebrate July 4th. Be patient with yourself and remember how far you've come. You've got this my friend! 💪✊ • • • • • •


Happy Birthday Lady! Forever thankful for your extra ways and your love for nature! 💜💜 • • • • •


If it wasn't for my darkest moments, I wouldn't have found the strength to shine my light! • • • • •